Set majestically amongst a palm tree plantation just outside the city of Marrakech, Maison Palmeraie is a gorgeous modern dream home crafted by architect Helena Marczewski and interior designer Esther Gutmer. With an eclectic combine of Morocco’s purity and distinctive European influences, the home implicitly personifies the heritage of its owners, a Belgo-Moroccan loved ones.

The verdant landscape of the countryside is seamlessly directed to the interior spaces, which evoke this land’s modern cultural influences. Alluring colors set against a backdrop of pristine white echo throughout this modern day residence and reflect its exotic roots: jeweled purple, sea blue, dessert sand, earthy green and rich ebony. Plentiful windows let all-natural light spiritually dance within the open interior spaces, generating a peaceful vibe.

The fluidity of the floor program makes it possible for for the minimalist living locations to accessibility a central courtyard of the property, which visually connect by walls of windows and glass doors. 2 eye-catching cactus gardens play well off of every other, with a single at the best of the exterior entrance stairs and the other within, terrarium-fashion beyond a glass wall.

On the primary floor lies the master suite, examine and 3 bedrooms expanding outward in the direction of the open-air courtyards, one featuring a sleek plunge pool. Steps ascend from the courtyard major to a rooftop terrace which affords great views of the pool with personal guest quarters, abundant olive tree groves, as well as the ethereal mountain ranges.

In the predominantly white residing area, personalized pieces such as the white-lacquer pedestal table and linear coffee tables balance the room and marry well with the plush designer furnishings imported from Europe. Bedrooms are placid with soft touches of texture and serene tones of lavender enveloping the area.

Standard African-influence is not lost in this modern dream dwelling, with panier-seem side tables, a woven canvas-cushioned chair, South-African necklaces, mosaic patterned pillows, floor cushions with a geometric motif and Moroccan ottoman poufs artfully adorning the various constructed spaces.

Amidst an enclave of organic elegance and timeless ancestral influences, Maison Palmeraie is a contemporary dream home rediscovered. (by way of)

Photographed by Richard Powers.

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