Everyone seeks to have more space and a bigger home. It is important to note that space represents class and at the same time luxury. It is therefore important to ensure that no matter how limited your house is in terms of space, you can always work out ways to create an impression of getting a large space based on what you have. Space and class renders a sense of freedom and fulfillment. There are a number of ways in which one can achieve this.

Use the right paint

A house that has been painted with brighter colors creates an illusion of more space. Reason being, the more light that it reflects, the space appears larger. Choosing to use heavy hue colors on your wall will mean that more light will be absorbed and hence making the room look much smaller. Brighter colors are equally associated with class, giving a double effect of space and class. Adding Hue on your spaces however, comes in handy especially if you have a large space. They have a way of creating elegance to the space in which they have been applied.

Throw some pillows

Pillows have been used mostly for additional comfort to your couches. It is important to also note that they contribute a great deal to the elegance of your space, especially if selected well. To achieve this, the pillows have to be large in size about 22 inch and 24 inches. Its designs will render an elegant look to your space.

Make use of rags

Who said wall to wall carpet creates elegance despite keeping a home warm? The best way to achieve class is by using a rag that creates space; it adds texture into your space which is elegant and at the same time infuses a range of color in your space.

Make use of Mirrors

Mirrors have a way of creating more space in a room. One can choose to hang a mirror on their walls to create this impression. Mirrors will also create a sense of class in your home. It is a great way of achieving both effects in your home.


The normal ceiling fixtures are now being replaced by cheaper yet classy looking chandeliers. You may also consider making use of pendants that will hang from your ceiling to achieve an elegant look for your home.

Accessorize your walls

One can chose to have beautiful wall hangings on their walls. However, remember to avoid wallpapers with designs that are heavy. Also, putting too many wall hangings all over your walls will not do much. One standalone painting will look classy especially when placed near the mantel or the sofa.

Organize your space

One will realize that even as they organize their space, there is a lot that one may not need. Do not overcrowd your spaces with unnecessary items. Ensuring that your space is clean and neat will also create a sense of elegance.