It is important to demystify the fact that having an elegant and spacious home is expensive. You will be surprised that sometimes all you need is to organize what is available in your home to get a spacious and class effect. There are other additional ways in which one can transform their space into an attractive and more cossy space. These includes;


I know the next question would be, what is the recommended size of mirror that one can hang on their walls? The size of the mirror or shape of the mirror is not a factor to consider. Mirrors are known to create a sense of increased space of a room. They also double up as wall hangings that infuse the element of elegance.

Introduce Contrast

Contrast can be created by simply adding color. This does not necessarily mean painting of the walls. Color can be incorporated by adding a few pieces of furniture that have contrasting colors. When you pair and contrast different hues, the room looks inviting and more spacious.

Making use of throw Pillows

Everyone should invest in throw pillows since they create a feeling of coziness in a room and at the same time create elegance. The elegance can be enhanced by ensuring that the pillows are of different colors, shapes and sizes. This will definitely go a long way in creating a beautiful space.

Play around with colors

One sure way of making your home look spacious, yet achieve a classy look is by painting the walls in your space with bright colors. Heavy hues will definitely make spaces look smaller because they usually absorb the light rather than reflect the colors. Bright colors tend to also create a sense of elegance too.

Creating a sense of High ceilings

High ceilings create a sense of sophistication. If your room doesn’t have high ceiling there is a way that one can achieve this. Simply get long drapes that will hang from right where the ceiling meets the wall, all the way down to the floor. This creates that effect of sophistication in a home.

Accessorize your spaces

One other way of adding class to our spaces is by the accessorizing. Gold colored accessories create class because they are associated with wealth. One can add a frame or two with the gold color on the walls to achieve this effect. One should however be careful not to put so much of it in one space, because it will create a sense of crowding.


Normal light fixtures play a vital role in our homes but they add no glam to our spaces. It is therefore important to ensure that whatever light fixtures you settle for are add value to your home in terms of sophistication. A good example is the use of chandeliers which may not cost much.This can be acquired from second hand stores. Floor lamps and table lamps is a can also be considered to glam the our spaces.